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An innovation partner for our clients

We work with media companies to create innovative audience engagement features for their platforms, at scale. We empower our clients to create more seamless shared experiences for their audiences so that their users can have more meaningful shared moments between friends and family that ultimately brings people closer together.

We understand your need for innovation as a company

Sceenic are your partners in innovation as we are industry drivers, have a commercial impact and are with you on the journey.


Sceenic understands your audience's expectations

We understand current behaviours and different tribe mentalities.


We will work with you to figure it out

How to best deliver watch together moments to different audience segments, identify the best content to apply our ‘watch together’ feature to and understand how to best onboard internal teams, and your audiences.

We’ll help you future-proof your platform’s experience and content as we understand trends and where the media landscape is heading.


Culture is conversation

Today’s culture is the conversation that happens around the content we consume daily. The reactions, debates, and shared moments are as central to the experience as the content itself.

Sceenic technology helps media providers bring the conversation back to their content and in the moment.


We believe the audience always comes first

Today’s audiences have new expectations: that everything be delivered smoothly, instantaneously,  and on a highly personalised level.

Sceenic helps media partners meet audience demands for more flexible, seamless, and personalised experiences.


Shared moments bring us closer together

When we experience content together, we become more engaged in it, and with each other.
But often the platforms we use get in the way of us truly sharing the moment, and the conversation is fragmented and distracted

Sceenic’s technology brings audiences closer together again, on the same platform, at the same time.

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Paul Bojarski


Paul has been building companies since he was 17 when he founded his first business Skipworth Records back in 1998 whilst at London Metropolitan University, Followed by a stint at AOL UK in 2004 before his career at MTV / VIACOM from 2007 – 2013 which drove him to Latin America to head up Digital Ad Sales for MTV / VIACOM LATAM. In 2013 he co-founded SayYeah, a premium streaming service with Jonathan and Aharon.

Jonathan Williams COO.jpg

Jonathan Williams


Jonathan founded an export company at the age of 18 before heading into PR and negotiations in the music industry, negotiating bands for one of the world’s most recognised brands. At SayYeah, which he cofounded with Paul and Aharon, he negotiated strategic partnerships with Sony Pictures and Mobibase. 

Aharon Yechezkel CTO Sceenic photo 2017.jpg

Aharon Yechezkel


Aharon holds an Information System Engineering degree from the Ben Gurion University of the Negev in Israel. From 2003 to 2009 he worked as a backend software engineer in Israel for Advansoft and Mer Group before becoming the R&D Team Lead at Shell in the Netherlands. He met Paul during his time at a VC firm in Israel in 2015 and has also product experience from VC backed startups like RideAustin in the US.

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Andy Chen

Board Director

Andy currently serves as an advisory council for the World Economic Forum. He was most recently the CEO of Aspiro Group, a public listed company on Nasdaq stock exchange in Stockholm, Sweden. Previously, the CEO of Preview Networks, a venture-funded B2B video syndication company acquired by Rightster in April 2013 as well as VP of Digital at Viacom.

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Mayra Baraschi

Account Manager

Mayra holds an Industrial Engineering degree and her career spans managing accounts for Deloitte as well as in the oil and gas industry at Halliburton. She brings digital experience in managing clients in the digital banking space as well as telco from Zed. She managed annual project billings of $2M related to the sales of Software and Services for the main O&G companies.

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Yuriy Poremskyy

R&D Project Manager & ARCHITECT

Yuriy holds a PhD in Information Technology from the Vinnytsia National Technical University which is listed amongst the top 5 technical universities in Ukraine. He began his career as a C++ Developer at Aricent Group in 2003, then in 2012 becoming VP R&D at Spilna Sprava. 

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Oleg Mazur

ANDROID Engineer

Oleg holds an Information Technology degree also from the Vinnytsia National Technical University and has 5 years of Android development experience and as well experience with peer 2 peer protocols. 

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Valeriya Lapa

Software Engineer

Valeriya has 2 years of software development experience in mobile as well as being very thorough in QA processes.

Valeriy Poddubchak.jpg

Valeriy Poddubchak


Valeriy has 12 years of experience in backend software engineering specialising in media servers, database architecture and peer 2 peer video processing. 

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Eugene Pidoprygora


Eugene has 4+ years of experience in full stack development across many projects for various clients.

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Olga Orehova


Olga has 3 years of software development experience specialising in peer 2 peer technology (WebRTC). 


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